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User Experience Enhancing Online Business Apps: Get a Software Developer Understanding Customers’ Interest

The article describes how a software application developer can work through a software development project for online business app if customers’ interest is kept on a high priority.



A website interface design showing intuitiveness and fluidity is the requirement of today’s online businesses to gain the interest of their customers. With just a few seconds of attention that the potential customers give while visiting your website, it’s important that you grab their attention fully and engage them into interesting online activities on your business site. Innovative, interactive, and functional online software applications can make this magic happen. Here are some areas where a software application developer should put his focus into while dealing with offshore software development for the business apps:


Wireframing: Many internet users have a strong dislike seeing scattered, unorganized images and content around the site. Therefore, it’s very important to bring in a consistency in the web application design. This plays a critical role in determining the functionality and appeal of your website or software application. To achieve this, the developer needs to take on wireframe development in your website or software application, which involves developing a decent layout before implementing any artistic interface design. An application developed without creating a wireframe is comparable to a building without an underlying framework, lacking functionality and appeal.

User interface and user experience development: If you want your visitors to remember the pleasant experience of your business site, you will need to employ a successful attention-seizing strategy. The two important components to make this work are user interface (UI) development and user experience (UX) development. Through UI software application development, it’s possible to create a navigation system impressive to your viewers and also engaging and interacting with them. If your services are well-complemented with an effective user interface design, automatically your click-through rates and sales will rise.

Loading speed: It’s not that everyone owns high-end network cards and use T1 connections. Therefore, fast loading for the users is something that a software application developer has to work out in the most possible ways. The lesser the amount of time to load your website or software application the more will be the customers’ interest engaging into it. Software application development can reduce the amount of long scripts and lines of code that can slow down your website. Few design tips to increase the loading speed include removing excess blank spaces in your code, using CSS, linking to external scripts to avoid code clutter, using optimized PNG images, splitting up long pages, and most importantly, keeping your tags and code clean. These are some simple rules which if followed can dramatically increase the speed of your website and preserve the interest of your online business app users.

A/B switch testing: It’s important that you know what your audience is interested in. Without it, you can’t aim to increase the sales conversion through your business website. A/B switch testing with your online software application development is a way to monitor the activity of your website with elaborated analysis results. It’s fine if you experiment with ideas using A/B switch testing, such as enabling random website switching within your site to see which applications and interfaces are having the lowest bounce rates while interacting with your users.

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