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Taking Internet Marketing Back to the Basics

There was a time when Internet marketing was all about time spent online. The marketing was far more active with webmasters and online business visiting forums, social networks and Q&A; websites trying to gain that foothold needed to establish trust between the consumer and their online business. When the Internet businesses started to boom, the basics of Internet marketing that created the monetary successes of many were left behind to collect dust. Today, those old school tricks and that time spent online working to achieve that brand name in an ocean of business, is more important than ever before.


The idea of Internet marketing is one that every online business understands; to a degree. There are webmasters and online businesses who believe the idea of Internet marketing is limited to writing a few blog posts here and there and working with an article submission website like Ezine Articles one in a while. But, there is more to the success or regained success of an Internet business than that. The Internet business needs to fight for those few ecommerce dollars more today than ever before and the basics will help them to achieve those goals.

What are the Basics of Internet Marketing?

The basics of Internet marketing include time, attention to detail and one-on-one interaction. The time spent on the Internet truly marketing that business dwindled as the online business felt the success rolling in. With an economic downturn, the successes are much lighter and the Internet marketer needs to spend more time than ever before pushing to brand their online business.

Attention to detail is another huge factor in Internet success. Many websites will build a success and then wonder after a few short months why they are losing traction in the search engine rankings page. This is because the information on your website has not changed. In order to continue ranking high on the SERPs, the website content needs to change and change often. This does not mean the content needs to be erased; rather the content needs to be tweaked and embellished with new information on a regular basis.

One-on-one interaction is the aspect of Internet marketing where many webmasters and online businesses fall short. The forum postings of the past and Q&A; sessions are a dying art. The online consumer wants to know you are trustworthy and understand exactly what your business is offering to them. Also, the online consumer feels they deserve a bit more today for their money than ever before. Freebies, eBooks and personal emails to online visitors are all great ways to gain more traction with the online customer.

The Internet business is not dead or dying, but the consumer needs to be convinced now, more than ever before, that their money is being well spent. The Internet was once the place to achieve financial success and it can be again, with a little hard work, attention to detail and a bit more time spent treating the customer better than your rivals.

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