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9 ways to immigrate to Canada and get a PR in 2023

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In this report you’ll get to know all the proper and simplest Canada immigration methods to receive a Canada citizenship status in 2023. 2022 has been a very troublesome year and immigration goals could not be fulfilled by the Canadian government. This had led the Canadian Market to move their goals for the period of 2023 and after. This is great news for everyone that wishes to migrate to Canada.


Over the last few years, the Canada PR application process has been optimized and in the majority of cases, you only have to choose the right category to submit your application. Canada is an open country with a wide acceptance of migrants from other countries since 2017, and this year the situation is expected to resume. While it may sound exciting, some people may be clueless or confused on which stream to apply to and what’s the process to follow in that specific stream. lets quickly take a look at each of the Canadian immigration streams and their prospects in the following post:

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