How to Preserve Garden Furniture

Tips for Longevity


We love our gardens and the surrounding area because it gives us a place to bond with our family, taking the time to relax and spend time with those we love. Often times, we have furniture including tables, comfortable chairs and an umbrella to keep us from the son. It is almost best to keep this furniture waterproofed, but if you want it to last even longer, there are other steps one can take. It is important to read the manual that comes with the furniture as it will give you tips pertaining to cleaning as well as maintaining the furniture. Make sure take a look at your furniture regularly for cracks, and to fill these cracks with max as this will eliminate the moisture in the wood. The following is a list of tips one should follow to enhance the longevity of your furniture.

  1. Make sure to do regular wiping of the furniture with soap and water. All you will need is a soft cloth of some sort. Make sure to rinse the soap off of the furniture with clean water.
  2. Make sure to clean up any spills that are created on the table immediately, avoiding leaving any permanent marks or other damage to the furniture.
  3. Buy automotive wax from a car shop or your local major retailer. This will effectively protect the furniture from UV rays.
  4. Avoid putting any furniture that is made of wood in soil for any major length of time. There is moisture in the soil, which will cause the wood to rot.
  5. Avoid keeping your furniture out in the open. It is important to keep it in a area out of the sun or rain. If this is not possible, make sure to dry any rain make the opportunity presents itself. It is important to keep your furniture as dry as possible.
  6. There is also the option of buying a furniture cover that is waterproof. This will effectively protect your furniture from harmful weather such as rain and snow.
  7. When covering your furniture, make sure there is enough room underneath for air to flow as to prevent mold from forming.
  8. Cover your furniture in a coat of oil. It is important that the furniture is not wet when doing this. Doing this regularly will ensure that your furniture does not become discolored.
  9. If you have wicker furniture, be sure to scrub it with a bristle brush which will effectively take off any dirt in the crevices of the furniture.
  10. If it is made of cedar, use some type of wood sealer which will protect the wood from raising up as well as give it a nice color.

Though these tips may be helpful, always refer to your owner’s manual to ensure any project that you take on is save. Doing so will ensure that your furniture will last considerably longer.

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