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4 natural remedies for hot flashes

No need to take hormones to relieve hot flashes during menopause. Plants, homeopathy and sports are natural allies that cannot be ignored. The focus of these natural selections.

Face, neck, frozen shoulder or hot flashes when sweating heavily? These manifestations of menopause make many women feel embarrassed every day. Hormone substitutes are not the only solution…

Black cohosh for good health

The World Health Organization believes that the effect of black cohosh (Cimicifuga) has been clinically proven in the treatment of hot flashes, and it can also improve sleep disorders and irritability.

Dr. Jean, a gynecologist, explained: “Mild estrogen is thought to act on the pituitary gland at the bottom of the brain and has a central regulatory effect. Therefore, there are fewer contraindications than other estrogen plants such as soybeans, sage or hops.” -Ernst · Arthur (Ernest Altherr).

How to use black cohosh? The standardized dry extracts are tablets or capsules (Solaray, D. Plantes, Cimipax…).

  • -Twice a day must reach 40 to 80 mg, or 1 to 2 tablets of 20 mg.
  • -Count 3 to 4 weeks of treatment to evaluate the effect and cure for at least 3 months.
  • -As a preventive measure, patients with hormone-dependent cancers (breast cancer, ovarian cancer) should be avoided for less than 5 years. If you have a family history, you can consider seeking medical treatment.


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